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Digital design

UI/UX design, app design, web design


Print design

corporate literature, catalogues, book design, annual reports


Brand design

design guidelines, brand development


arts marketing & music:

Book Works, Commissions East, Sonic Arts Network,
Sound and Music


BMW, Mercedes-Benz

corporate communications:

Beate Uhse AG, Buderus AG, City of Westminster College,

Volkswagen, Deutsche Telekom, Dunlop


Black Dog Publishing, Book Works, HarperCollins, Ivy Press,
RIBA Publishing


adidas, RedBull

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Joerg Hartmannsgruber. design consultant
Oakhurst, Branch Hill
London NW3 7LY

United Kingdom


A clean design was essential for this mongraph on Basil Spence, the architect of Coventry Cathedral and on one of Britain's most influential modernist architects in the 50's and 60's. The book, published by RIBA, gives deep insight into the work and life of Basil Spence and is illustrated with over 300 photos.
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At the start of every soccer season Red Bulls New York publish a media guide packed with player statistics and club history and other data. We were, however, very determined present this information in way that is consistent with the Red Bull brand and created an exciting book that appeals to journalists and fans alike.
The first media guide was a printed in 2007. Later we published the guide as interactive PDFs as well, and in recent years we migrated much of the data onto the club website as well.

Leading up to the launch of the BMW international website master, I was asked to work UI design aspects of the site. We developed and tested new functions and prepared the site for the launch of BMW i, the electric car range.
The site is live in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, and will be rolled-out in most markets worldwide.

BMW's ad agency created great looking sales catalogues, but in the prepress phase problems came up again and again.
What was needed was a strict literature system, geared towards internationalisation and optimised for integration of the catalogues into an online CMS workflow.
We developed a module grid to suit all four catalogue formats used by BMW, and thus created consistency throughout the sales literature range.
The result were great catalogues with exciting car photography and a smooth production.

Adrian Sassoon is a renowned London art dealer, specialised on French Sèvres Porcelain but also contemporary ceramics and jewellery. Two areas that appeal to a very different group of art collectors.
We designed one website that worked well for both groups, and we used the a darker grey actively to distinguish the Adrian Sassoon brand clearly from other galleries. At the same time this grey background is helps to bring out the colour and shape of the works shown.

see: www.adriansassoon.com

Italian goldsmith Giovanni Corvaja crafts intricate jewellery. Inspired by the Greek myth of the Golden Fleece he creates pieces using fine gold wire that have the soft touch of fur.
The catalogue was designed to keep the focus on these stunning objects. We used gold foil blocking and gilded edges to pay tribute to Giovanni's craft as goldsmith.

The artist Alexa Wright created a series of large scale photographic portraits of individuals suffering from mental illness. The book includes gripping descriptions of how they experience an altered reality and was published by white-card. It is available on Amazon.

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An iPad app of A View from Inside was developed that allows the user to zoom into the portaits and explore all the details of Alexa's photographs.

After the launch of the iPad by Apple in 2010, Goldsmith College decided to develop a magazine app for academic titles. I was asked to create the User Interface design for the app.

Adidas stores worldwide, order their shop-signage centrally at adidas in Herzogenaurach, Germany, through an online-ordering system. The existing signage system soon ran into trouble when confronted with request from bilingual markets or Asian regions using non-Latin scripts.

Initially it looked like a straightforward graphic-design problem to accommodate longer wording and non-Latin scripts. But it soon became clear, that we had to take some cultural dimensions into account as well. The acceptance of English in the various markets and the location of the store within the country were considerations we had to include into the store signage guidelines.

As result of looking into these issues a little more, we were able to build a robust system, and adidas became able to efficiently and quickly supply all of their markets through their without problems.

For Collins IGCSE Science schoolbooks we wanted covers that engage pupils and trigger their curiosity, and stay well clear of any nondescript, generic design seen so often.
So we used key curriculum subjects, such as the structure of a cell for Biology, as cover illustration and heavily annotated them. The pupils start learn something even before they open the book.

The Seattle based language service Livemocha and Collins joined forces to create a print version that integrates with the courses online.
We created the concept-design that works as book, but also incorporated some design element from the online version of the course.
Livemocha has 7 million subscribers worldwide.

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